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About Us

The company has been active in the field of men's clothing since 1924, when Dimitrios Hatzinikolis from Istanbul created his new tailor shop in the center of Athens on Armodiou Street.

Continuing the tradition of years, the grandson Dimitrios Hatzinikolis in 1988, in addition to custom-made clothes, decides to be active in the field of ready-made clothes.

Today, Kariofyllis Chatzinikolis (great-grandson of Dimitris), received from his father and the store has been operating since 2009, continuing the philosophy of handmade clothing in menswear.

Our philosophy

In a comfortable and friendly place for you with specialized staff that will help you choose the clothes of your choice, through a wide variety of fabrics - clothes of Greek and large companies abroad (England, Italy, Spain). Our clothes are always our own seam in a wide variety of colors and sizes. In the ready-made garment you are given the opportunity to choose from a multitude of famous European and Greek houses, suits, jackets, pants, leather, coats, jackets, knitwear, sweatshirts, shirts and accessories.

With the main aim of respecting our history and tradition, the "HATZINIKOLIS" store is constantly upgraded, offering its customers quality services and impeccable service. For this reason we have created a new online exhibition at

We help you choose the one that suits you by donating any modification needed. In the custom-made clothes, we choose together, through a wide range of fabrics, the appropriate fabric for a suit, jacket, pants, coat and half coat at very affordable prices. You will also find great deals on incredibly low prices to meet your every need. All our suits, jackets and pants, of our own seam, are sewn to your measurements, whatever your size.

Our vision is to help you get the look you deserve at an affordable price and with the quality of the prestige and tradition of "Hatzinikolis".